Wood Flooring

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Wood floors bring character and warmth to a room, giving a luxurious finish and transforming the space. This type of flooring is generally more suited to individual homes rather than commercial premises but can be used to good effect in offices where a luxury feel is needed for the company.

We have extensive experience in fitting wood floors and have a range of types and finishes to choose from including V4 and Kahrs, giving your space a truly individual look. You can choose a floor that has been processed to give it a different effect such as bleaching, brushing, distressing or smoking. Wood floors are essentially living floors and as such, each floor plank will look slightly different to another ensuring you have a completely unique floor.

Wood floors are considered to be investment floors. Laid correctly and maintained properly, wood floors can last for a very long time and can endure many years. If in a higher footfall area they will require more regular maintenance to ensure they remain looking their very best. They should be cleaned carefully and protected from scratches and scrapes. These floors need to be sanded and re-sealed over time and this is a service we can provide for existing wood floors.

If you are considering a wood floor, please contact us for a visit so we can ensure your room is suited to this type of floor covering and advise on the best option for you. We will bring our mobile showroom to your house or office so you can see the samples of wood flooring we can supply and fit for you and we can use our expertise to help you choose the right floor for your space. You’ll be able to ask us any questions you may have and we can provide a free measuring and quotation service for you.

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As part of the Cranleigh Carpets and Flooring service, we will visit you in your office or home with our mobile showroom so you can see the different options available and we can recommend carpets to you based on the room you require it for. You can feel the samples and test them in the areas you want carpeted to see how they they look. We will be happy to advise you on the best options for the affect you want to achieve.

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