Laminate Flooring

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If you like the look and feel of a wood floor but need a floor covering which is more hardwearing and affordable, then laminate is a great option and comes in a huge range of colours, designs, thicknesses and finishes.

Whilst laminate flooring looks like wood, it is actually completely manufactured. Many of the laminate floor suppliers Cranleigh Carpets and Flooring use and fit, such as Quick-Step and Pergo, are so convincing that once laid, many people can’t tell the difference between a solid wood floor and the laminate.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, laminate also comes in slate and stone finishes as well as the wood finishes so you can select the exact look you want, completely transforming a room. Laminate flooring can be used in most areas of the home and in business premises.

This type of flooring is also more durable than solid wood so can used in higher traffic areas without the ongoing maintenance required for a solid wood floor. It is a very practical floor covering as it needs very little maintenance and is easy to clean. Laminate unlike solid wood is moisture and temperature resistant so can be used in areas which are not suited to solid wood.

We supply laminate from a number of different suppliers including Quick-Step and Pergo so you have plenty of choice for your new floor. Our mobile showroom has all the options available so you can have a look at them in situ to help you decide which is best for the look you wish to achieve.

In order to look really good, laminate floors needs to be properly installed with the correct preparation of the area to be covered as it must be firm, dry and level. Cranleigh Carpets and Flooring have extensive experience in this area and will ensure your floor is professionally laid with a high quality finish to transform your space.

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As part of the Cranleigh Carpets and Flooring service, we will visit you in your office or home with our mobile showroom so you can see the different options available and we can recommend carpets to you based on the room you require it for. You can feel the samples and test them in the areas you want carpeted to see how they they look. We will be happy to advise you on the best options for the affect you want to achieve.

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